UNICEF installs water purification plants in E. Libya

TRIPOLI (Xinhua), June 10 – The United Nations Children’s Fund announced on Monday that they installed two water treatment facilities in two villages of eastern Libya which will be hit by deadly flooding in 2023.

UNICEF released a press release stating that as part of its emergency response to water supply and water transportation in flood-affected regions, it has installed two reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant in Al Mkhili & El Ezzeiat.

The statement said that each plant can produce 30,000 liters per hour of drinking water, which is enough to supply 10,000 people including 3,000 children.

It said that “these plants not only ensured a constant supply of potable drinking water, but also integrated seamlessly into the main water storage system of both areas. They provided a reliable and safe source of water for water trucks.”

In September of last year, Mediterranean Storm Daniel caused the worst flooding in Libya for decades. Thousands of people died and many others went missing.

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