Universiti Malaya denies all association with the viral fake catering order

PETALING JAYA – Universiti Malaya denies any involvement with a fake order for catering services that became viral on Friday (7 June). It clarifies that the caterer was not offered immediate work.

The university confirmed that the document in the viral post was not the standard contract offer letter from Universiti Malaya.

In a Friday press release, the university said: “Universiti Malaya is taking this fraudulent act seriously. It not only misuses its trademark and tarnishes its image but also victims those involved.”

The university has said that it is reviewing appropriate follow-up measures, including filing police reports and considering other legal action.

To maintain clarity, Universiti Malaya recommends that all transactions be conducted online via the UM Procurement and Payment Management System.

You can verify any offer claiming to be from the University by sending an e-mail to [email protected], or by calling 03-7967 3273. You can also send your complaints and questions there

The police were urged to investigate any fraud that affected individuals or parties.

The press release said: “Universiti Malaya wishes to express its sympathy towards the caterer and hopes such incidents will not have a long-term impact on them.”

It added that for further information, call Farawahida Ismail, Public Relations Officer, at 03-7967 7009 or [email protected] Mastura Mohamad Yusoff, Media Relations Officer, at 013-3773207 or [email protected]

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