US financial site: Malaysia is the most popular Asian country.

PETALING JAYA – According to a ranking of the American financial website Insider Monkey, Malaysia beat Singapore and Thailand in Asia as the most popular country.

Singapore was beaten by Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan, who were all in the top 12.

Malaysia’s diverse mix of cultures, religions and languages is well-known by the New York-based site. It also said that Malaysia is an example of friendliness and unity.

Insider Monkey says that the appeal of Malaysia goes beyond its stunning natural beauty and modern urban landscapes.

Insider Monkey said, “It’s a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the rich cultures of its communities.”

The report added that “Malaysia’s hospitality and friendliness enhances this cultural exploration making it a memorable event for visitors.”

After evaluating Malaysia’s consistent high ranking across multiple metrics, the overall score was 0.701 with Taiwan as runner-up scoring 0.595.

The ranking was determined by referring to five articles that were published on the portal between 2023 and 2024.

The top five countries are also the most popular in Asia.

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