US police say that a man put a tracker on the car of a woman he met through an online dating site, and then cut power to her house.

Police in Pennsylvania said a man suspected of cutting the power at the home of a woman that he met through a dating site, as part of a “disturbing pattern” of stalking.

Matthew Bustin (33), of King of Prussia turned himself into police on 1 June on charges of burglary and criminal trespass, stalking and harassment.

The court records do not contain any information about Bustin’s attorney.

According to the police, a woman reported that on April 16, she had returned home from vacation only to find that someone had “turned off the circuit breakers and unscrewed manually the Internet connection” from the wall.

The police said that detectives found a GPS device in the car of the woman with information relating to Bustin.

Police said that the device has been transmitting data to police since April 5.

Police said the victim met Bustin through a dating site but broke up with him after only a few dates because she “felt uncomfortable” about his “odd behavior”.

Authorities stated that the woman “blocked [him] on social media but he continued texting her and showed up unexpectedly”.

According to police, surveillance video taken at the woman’s place of work shows Bustin reaching under the victim’s vehicle and approaching it.

Police said that location data on Bustin’s phone showed he had been around the victim’s home or office “at least nine times without her knowledge” after she ended their relationship, including when her utility company confirmed the power was shut off while she was away.

Bensalem Police said, “This behavior is disturbing.”

Police said that Bustin was arrested at Bucks County Correctional Facility and released on 10% bail of US$2mil.

King of Prussia lies about 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia. – The Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service

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