US respects Malaysian right to freedom of speech when calling for Palestine’s liberation

KUALA LUMPUR – US Ambassador to Malaysia Edgard Kagan has said that the United States of America respects Malaysians right to freedom of speech, including their call for a Palestinian state.

Kagan commented on the crowd of 100 people who had gathered earlier that evening in a quiet protest outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where the US Embassy was celebrating the 248th Independence Day.

In the past, there was friction regarding Malaysians’ rights to protest and speak freely. “We cherish this right, even if it’s directed against the US,” said he to the media at a recent press conference.

After an hour and a half of protesting, the KLCC LRT Station was cleared by protesters who had placards with them and Palestinian flags. They also had tapes in their mouths.

The protest was attended by the son of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Seri Mahathir Mohamad and attorney Rafique Rahid Ali as well as members from Secretariat Solidariti Palestine.

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