UTK personnel among 12 queried

KUALA LUMPUR – Police have recorded the statements of 12 people as part of their investigation into an alleged assault on a disabled ehailing chauffeur by a member from a VIP security detail.

The Inspector-General, Tan Sri Razarudin Husain, said that those who were called up include security personnel, hotel staff, Special Action Unit (SAU) personnel, doctors, and the Operations Director of the ehailing services.

The investigation report has been sent to the Deputy Prosecutor.

He said that the victim initially withdrew his police report, but after hearing other statements, revealed that he was interested in pursuing the case.

The IGP asked the public to refrain from speculating on the case, and to let the legal process take its due course.

Any misinformation can jeopardize the investigation.

IGP said previously that the police would conduct a thorough investigation and call up all parties, including a cop.

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