Virtual gun sold for over RM4mil

Brokers report that a digital accessory for a gun used in video games sold for over US$1mil on June 5. This is one of the largest purchases made to date.

Brokers reported that an anonymous buyer purchased the counter-strike 2 digital skin after outbidding two rival bids totalling US$1mil. This rare gun accessory has wood details with a tie-dye pattern in blue and yellow.

Oliver Behrensdorff runs, which facilitates the payment. He noted that all money laundering precautions had been taken. “It’s actually very legitimate. It was just like selling anything else. There were contracts and all.”

Sam Alexander, broker for anonymous seller, confirmed details of sale.

Video games are now worth US$184billion (RM863.97billion). Roblox Corp. players spent US$924mil on virtual currency, items and avatars in the last quarter. Counter Strikeskins are often sold through third-party markets.

Counter Strike 2 skins are subject to the same market speculation as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Gamers like to brag that unlike digital assets, gun skins are useful. They can show them off to rival players in Counter Strike 2. The skins have also been used to bet on esports match results. tracks sales and reports that the average cost of mid-level skins have increased 69% since 2022. The items were introduced in 2013 by Valve Corp., maker of Counter Strike 2.

Jake Lucky, a gaming influencer, was the first to report on the news. Brokers claim that the parties signed nondisclosure agreements to prevent the final price being revealed.

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