Windows 10 will allow users to control the AI generated by Windows

The next major Windows upgrade will include generative artificial Intelligence, which is expected to be integrated into all Microsoft programs to boost user productivity. The technology should be available to users, but they will have the option of choosing which programs can use it.

Microsoft, in response to concerns that generative AI might be intrusive, is set to allow users to decide how their applications can access these artificial intelligence tools. According to XDA Developers, Windows 11’s upcoming major update (24H2) is expected to be released by the end the year. This will allow users to define individual permissions per application.

Users will be able to disable generative AI in some or all applications. Companies will have the ability to restrict access to AI to all employees, if it is deemed inappropriate or unnecessary.

Windows’ integration of artificial intelligence should simplify the management of systems and most of its associated programs. Microsoft’s Copilot is at the heart of this update, provided that it finally conforms to European legislation regarding digital markets (DMA).

Copilot is the AI-powered assistant that allows users to customize or interact with a computer operating system. The assistant is useful for rewriting documents, summarizing them or explaining them simply. It can also answer practical questions. The assistant can be accessed from the taskbar and will soon have a dedicated button in future PCs.

Microsoft is also trying to reassure its users, after the controversy surrounding its Recall feature. Microsoft has stated that Recall is now an opt-in option and will not be activated by default. Recall, which is considered to be intrusive but promises to make PC searches easier, takes a series screenshots at regular intervals, and saves them locally. This raises privacy concerns. This feature is initially only available on new Copilot+ computers, due to be sold this summer. Initially, this feature will only be available on the new Copilot+ PCs that are due to go on sale in the summer.

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