Wira Warisan backs student protest over Sabah water woes

KOTA KINABALU – The #KamiMahuAir rally planned by a group Universiti Malaysia Sabah students (UMS) is a peaceful demonstration over Sabahans’ frustrations, and should continue.

The youth wing of the state opposition party said that it supports any efforts by people to assert their rights.

“We are watching the planned action. We consider it to be a manifestation the students’ concern and frustration about the long-standing issues with water that Sabahans face.

In a Friday (7 June) statement, Wira Warisan’s chief of information, Mohd Norizhuan Awang, said that “They too have the right to speak and assemble.”

He said that the rally scheduled to take place next Friday, June 14, in front of Menara Kinabalu is not political.

“Wira Warisan stands with the oppressed Sabah people, and continues to enforce the law.

The Peaceful Assembly Act of 2012 only requires that the organisers notify the authorities. I think these students know this.

“We understand that notifications were submitted to the appropriate authority,” he said. He urged the government to celebrate the expressions of democratic right and not to hinder them.

“We advise rally organizers and participants that they should adhere to the law and avoid extreme provocation.

He said: “Democracy is to be defended with conscience. Do not use violence in any way.”

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