Woman fined RM8,000 after offensive remarks made about Pintasan Assemblyman

KOTA KINABALU : A woman aged 24 was fined RM8,000 or, if she failed to pay, sentenced to 15 months in prison for making offensive remarks about Pintasan Assemblyman Datuk Renddan, and insulting him on social media.

Luisa Luis pleaded guilty in court to both cases on Monday (10th June).

Amir Shah Amir Hassan, a Sessions Court judge, sentenced her in the first case to a fine RM5,000 and, if she failed to pay, a 5-month prison term for making an offensive comment on Facebook April 30, this year.

Victim Fairuz, the Assistant State Youth and Sport Minister has read the remarks and seen the post.

She plead guilty to an offence that is punishable by Section 233(3) of the Multimedia and Communication Act of 1998.

She pleaded guilty in the second case to Lovely Natasha, the Magistrate for the offence of privacy invasion under Section 509 (Penal Code) for insulting Fairuz’s modesty on WhatsApp.

In default, she was sentenced to 10 months in prison and a fine of RM3,000.

Fairuz filed a police complaint against Luisa because he was embarrassed, worried and feared for the safety of his Pintasan Assemblyman.

Luisa, who was not represented during mitigation, asked for leniency because this was her first offense and that she wouldn’t repeat it again.

In response, the prosecution urged the court impose a sentence that would deter others from committing similar crimes. They informed them that Luisa also faces other cases in the future. These will be discussed on June 28th and July 5th.

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