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Welcome to Linklr’s “Write for Us” page! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in contributing to our platform. At Linklr, we value diverse voices and fresh perspectives. Our mission is to provide high-quality, engaging content that resonates with our readers. Whether you’re an experienced writer or a passionate newcomer, we invite you to share your insights and expertise with our audience.

Why Write for Linklr?

Writing for Linklr offers numerous benefits:

  1. Expand Your Reach: Gain exposure to our growing readership and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.
  2. Build Your Portfolio: Enhance your writing portfolio with published articles on a reputable platform.
  3. Network with Peers: Connect with other writers, professionals, and enthusiasts within our community.
  4. SEO Benefits: Boost your online presence with high-quality backlinks to your website or blog.

What We’re Looking For

We aim to provide our readers with high-quality, engaging, and informative content across various topics. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what we’re looking for in each category:


Our Business section is designed to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and business enthusiasts stay informed and inspired. We welcome articles that cover:

  • Entrepreneurship: Success stories, startup advice, and tips for small business owners. Topics like business planning, funding options, and strategies for growth are essential.
  • Investment Strategies: Insights into stock markets, real estate, and other investment opportunities. Practical tips on personal finance management and wealth-building.
  • Career Development: Advice on job hunting, resume building, and interview preparation. Articles on workplace trends, remote work, professional growth, and skill development.
  • Industry Analysis: In-depth looks at specific industries, market trends, and economic factors affecting businesses. Articles on the impact of global events on business and finance.


Our Education section is dedicated to lifelong learners, educators, and anyone interested in self-improvement. We seek content that includes:

  • Skill-Building: Guides on learning new skills, both for professional development and personal enrichment. This includes coding, writing, public speaking, and more.
  • Education Trends: Insights into the latest trends in education, including online learning platforms, educational technology, and alternative education methods.
  • Career Advice: Practical advice for students and professionals navigating their educational and career paths. Tips on scholarships, internships, and career transitions.
  • Interviews and Profiles: Conversations with educators, experts, and successful professionals sharing their experiences, insights, and advice.


Our Entertainment section aims to keep readers entertained and informed about the latest happenings in the world of entertainment. We look for articles on:

  • Movie and TV Reviews: In-depth reviews of the latest movies and TV shows, including streaming service content. Provide analysis, critique, and recommendations.
  • Celebrity News: Updates on the lives and careers of celebrities, including interviews, profiles, and behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Music: Reviews of new albums, concerts, and music trends. Articles on emerging artists, music genres, and industry news.
  • Gaming: Coverage of the latest video games, trends in gaming, and reviews of new releases. Insights into gaming culture and industry developments.


Our Health section focuses on providing valuable information to help readers lead healthier lives. We welcome articles on:

  • Physical Health: Exercise routines, fitness challenges, and guides to staying active. Articles on specific sports, workout plans, and fitness trends.
  • Mental Health: Strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and depression. Personal stories, expert advice, mindfulness practices, and mental health awareness.
  • Nutrition: Healthy eating tips, balanced diet plans, and recipes. Articles on the benefits of different diets (e.g., vegan, keto) and superfoods.
  • Wellness Tips: Advice on achieving a balanced lifestyle, including sleep hygiene, self-care routines, and holistic health practices.


Our Lifestyle section covers a broad range of topics that help readers improve their daily lives and enjoy new experiences. We seek articles that include:

  • Travel Guides: Comprehensive guides to cities, countries, and tourist destinations. Tips on budget travel, luxury travel, and unique travel experiences.
  • Cultural Insights: Articles that explore the culture, traditions, and customs of different regions. Personal travel stories and unique cultural experiences.
  • Lifestyle Tips: Advice on achieving work-life balance, pursuing hobbies, and personal development. Topics like minimalism, sustainable living, and home decor.
  • Event Coverage: Insights into major events, festivals, and cultural happenings around the world. Tips on attending and making the most of these events.


Our Sports section aims to provide comprehensive coverage of various sports and fitness activities. We look for articles on:

  • Sports News: Updates on major sports events, tournaments, and athlete profiles. Coverage of popular sports like football, basketball, soccer, and more.
  • Fitness Tips: Advice on training routines, workout plans, and fitness challenges. Articles on staying fit, overcoming plateaus, and achieving fitness goals.
  • Sports Analysis: In-depth analysis of games, strategies, and player performances. Articles on the impact of sports on culture and society.
  • Interviews: Conversations with athletes, coaches, and sports experts sharing their experiences, insights, and advice.


Our Technology section is dedicated to keeping readers informed about the latest advancements and trends in tech. We welcome articles on:

  • Tech News: Breaking news and updates in the tech world, including new product launches, major software updates, and industry shifts.
  • Gadget Reviews: In-depth reviews of the latest gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, and wearables. Provide pros and cons, and real-world usage insights.
  • How-To Guides: Step-by-step tutorials on using various software, apps, and gadgets. Tips and tricks to help users get the most out of their tech.
  • Emerging Technologies: Articles on cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, blockchain, and virtual reality. Explain these concepts in an accessible way for a broad audience.

Submission Ideas and Inspiration

To spark your creativity, here are some specific article ideas that fit within these categories:

  • Business: “How to Start a Successful E-commerce Business,” “Investing 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Stocks and Bonds”
  • Education: “The Future of Remote Learning,” “How to Nail Your Next Job Interview”
  • Entertainment: “Top 10 Must-Watch Movies of the Year,” “The Evolution of Streaming Services”
  • Health: “A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation,” “10 Superfoods to Boost Your Immune System”
  • Lifestyle: “Exploring the Hidden Gems of Southeast Asia,” “How to Create a Cozy Minimalist Home”
  • Sports: “The Impact of Technology on Modern Sports,” “Training Tips from Top Athletes”
  • Technology: “Top 10 Must-Have Apps for 2024,” “How AI is Changing the Healthcare Industry”

By writing for Linklr, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge, inspire others, and join a community of passionate and engaged readers. We look forward to reading your submissions and featuring your work on our platform!

Writing Guidelines

To maintain the quality and consistency of our content, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Original Content: Your submission must be original and not published elsewhere. We do not accept plagiarized or spun content.
  2. Engaging and Informative: Write in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. Your article should provide value and insights to our readers.
  3. Well-Structured: Use subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make your article easy to read.
  4. Word Count: Articles should be min 2,000 words.
  5. SEO Optimized: Incorporate relevant keywords naturally and include internal and external links where appropriate.
  6. High-Quality Writing: Ensure your submission is free of grammatical errors and typos. Use simple and easy-to-understand English.

Submission Process

We strive to make the submission process as smooth as possible. Follow these steps to submit your article:

  1. Submit Your Post: Submit it through our post submission form along with any relevant images or graphics.
  2. Review Process: Our editorial team will review your submission and provide feedback or request revisions if necessary.
  3. Publication: Upon approval, your article will be scheduled for publication. We will notify you once it goes live.

Contributor Guidelines

To ensure a smooth collaboration, we have a few guidelines for our contributors:

  • Images: If you include images, ensure they are high-quality and you have the rights to use them. Provide proper attribution where necessary.
  • Links: You may include one do-follow link to your website or blog. Avoid excessive linking or promotional content.
  • Response Time: We aim to review submissions within two weeks. If you haven’t heard from us within this period, feel free to follow up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I submit previously published articles?

No, we only accept original content that has not been published elsewhere.

2. Can I republish my article on my own blog?

We request exclusive rights to your article for six months. After that, you may republish it with a link back to the original post on Linklr.

3. Will my article be edited?

Yes, our editorial team may make minor edits to improve readability and SEO. Significant changes will be communicated to you.

4. Do you pay for guest posts?

At this time, we do not offer monetary compensation for guest posts. However, you will receive exposure to our audience and a byline.

5. Can I include links to my own website?

Yes, you may include one do-follow link to your website or blog. Ensure it is relevant and adds value to the article.

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