YouTuber arrested after helicopter and Lamborghini fireworks display

Los Angeles: US prosecutors announced on June 6 that a YouTuber, who directed a helicopter in California to fire fireworks at a Lamborghini speeding by for a video called “crazy stupid”, was arrested.

Suk Min Choi (also known as Alex Choi) boasts almost one million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He promises viewers the “greatest car shenanigans!”

Choi, 24, was charged for “causing the placing of an explosive device or incendiary on an aircraft” after his fireworks stunt in a California lakebed, which he performed last summer.

Choi, if convicted, could spend up to ten years in federal prison.

Choi is alleged to have pressed the “fire missiles button” in a video entitled “Destroying A Lamborghini With Fireworks”. Two women were in a helicopter firing fireworks at a Lamborghini sportscar.

According to the affidavit, Choi is seen in the behind-the-scenes video making various references about himself coordinating this shoot.

He also thanked a camera manufacturer for “being part of my crazy, stupid ideas”.

Choi’s YouTube page appears to no longer have the 11-minute video.

A press release from the Department of Justice stated that the helicopter flew near to ground level and was not filming with a permit.

Choi may have bought the fireworks illegally in California in Nevada.

His initial court appearance was set for June 6 in Los Angeles, with the arraignment following in the next few weeks.

Another YouTuber, who intentionally crashed his plane in order to increase the number of subscribers to his channel, and then lied to investigators about it was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment after reaching a deal with prosecutors.

Trevor Jacob, a pilot who ejected from a single engine plane in California, 2021 and parachuted to safety, was shown in harrowing footage that has been viewed millions of time on YouTube.

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