Zahid: TVET is open to everyone, regardless of academic performance

KUALA LANGAT – Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says that technical and vocational training (TVET), regardless of academic qualification, is available to everyone.

The Deputy Premier said that possessing 3M (reading, writing, and counting) skills was enough to enroll in TVET courses.

Ahmad Zahid stated that those with outstanding academic results can enroll in TVET courses.

There are 11,713 students with straight A’s in the latest Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia results who can also enroll in TVET.

They can enroll in the Giatmara or polytechnic institutes.

He told a Kuala Langat Industrial Training Institute press conference on Friday (7th June) that the opportunities were vast, with many flexible options for study.

Ahmad Zahid, the chairman of the National TVET Council, also expressed his hope that at least 40 percent of the SPM class will enroll in July’s TVET intake.

The courses are designed to meet the needs of international and domestic businesses.

He said that “their criteria for employment is also geared towards skilled workers, or those who have TVET qualifications.”

Ahmad Zahid, in response to the approximately 10,000 Form Five students that did not take their SPM exams last year said they were eligible for TVET programs as long as they had 3M skills.

The same applies to phailing and ehailing workers. He said that we also offer upskilling or reskilling programs for them.

Ahmad Zahid stated that it is only fair for Malaysia to follow the example of countries like Japan, where TVET is the first option for high school graduates.

The Education Ministry has begun offering TVET through technical and vocational colleges to those who have completed Form 3.

He said that the students would also need to pass a written test and an oral exam to be able to enroll.

He said that applications for TVET institutes could be made online via the upu_tvet site.

He said, “We will make sure that all applications are placed.”

The Deputy Premier walked around the booths that were set up to celebrate National TVET Day.

More than 4,000 TVET programs are being offered by 1,345 TVET schools in the public and private sectors during this two-day event, which began June 7 and will end tomorrow (June 8).

There are also 5,000 vacancies, of which 3,000 will be offered at the fair.

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