Zambia considers tougher hate speech laws

LUSAKA, 5 June (Xinhua) – The Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema said on Wednesday that the cabinet has proposed amending the laws to toughen the punishments for those who promote hate speech in the nation.

Hichilema said that it was unfortunate for certain sections of the society to be busy promoting hate speeches against certain tribes. This situation is bound to cause civil unrest in the country.

He said that the proposed laws will ensure that those who perpetrate hate speech receive harsher punishments in order to deter other people.

Hichilema stated that the government would not allow any group to divide this country.

“In the past few months, we have witnessed an unrelenting attack on national harmony. We are proud of our unity, and we shouldn’t allow anyone to destroy that heritage,” he said at a State House press conference.

The Zambian President said that the proposed amendments would be brought to the parliament. He urged legislators to do what is right to discourage people from promoting any form of discrimination.

He said that the Cabinet had agreed to include the teaching of unity in schools in order to instill national unity in young citizens.

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