Zayn Rayyan: Attorney confirms that he still represents mother

KUALA LUMPUR – Lawyer Mahmud Abd Jumaat confirmed he still represents the mother of Zayn Rahyan Abdul Matiin (6 years old), who is currently on remand after being accused of helping the police investigate the murder her autistic child.

Mahmud clarified on his Facebook page that he decided to continue his employment based on the considerations he made after meeting with the family.

He said that on May 31, at 11pm he was contacted by Zayn’s father, Isma. The couple (Zaim & Isma), had been arrested and were to appear at the Petaling Jaya Court the next day for a remand request.

“I would like to emphasize that this initiative was initiated by Zayn’s father and not an NGO. But I don’t know how the other story came about.

“I felt sorry for them and wanted to assist in the matter of a formal appointment letter. I had the best of intentions. He said that they had lost their child and were facing remand in prison as suspects.

He didn’t think the appointment would be a controversial issue for Zayn’s father’s family because there’s no formal requirement in criminal cases for an official solicitor appointment letter.

It is sufficient if the suspect or the family representative agrees to the appointment of the solicitor.

The family of the victim, the parents, confirmed to him that he would be taking on this responsibility and arguing against the remand.

He confirmed his attendance in court that day, as he was summoned by family.

He asked the family why they had called him to remand in court, if no appointment was made.

“On Sunday, June 2, Zayn’s grandfather asked to see me because he wasn’t in court during the remand. So, even though Monday was a holiday, I invited them to come and talk about the issue in my office.

“I gave up my time for them, but the following day I decided to not represent them.

“Suddenly, I found myself facing allegations that I never had been appointed as Zayn’s solicitor. This is defamation to me!

Why was I in court on that particular day? Why did they call me at night and ask me to come to court? And why did they stop by my office the next day? he queried.

He said that the family of Zaim and in particular Zaim’s mom had been in contact with him during that time, asking for his advice as a lawyer.

He said that Zayn’s grandfather had contacted him on Sunday via WhatsApp and apologized for the situation.

He hoped, after these events, that the issue of lawyer appointment would never arise again.

He expressed his gratitude to Zayn’s mother for confirming that his legal team has been helping the family since the beginning of the investigation.

I think we’ve discussed enough about the appointment of solicitors. We should all pray for justice to be done for Zayn.

“I apologize to everyone who was waiting for this explanation. “Like all Malaysians I also seek justice for Zayn, who was brutally tortured and murdered,” he concluded.

Mahmud, from Emir Mahmud & Co, confirmed on the morning of the 4th that he was no longer representing the couple.

He said that he made the decision to stop representing both parents based on certain factors.

Fahmi Abdul Moin, a solicitor, confirmed that he would represent the couple on the same day.

Zahari Mohd Rebah, the 56-year-old father of Mahmud, told the media that the NGO had appointed Mahmud on Friday, June 7.

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