Zayn’s extended family bravely stands outside PJ Courthouse

PETALING JAYA – The family of Zayn Rahyan Abdul Matiin who was murdered last year and found dead will continue to present a brave face for his parents who are currently on remand.

Zahari Mohd Reba, Zayn’s 56-year old grandfather, said that the family would be in court on Thursday (June 13,) because the parents of the child will no longer have to remain behind bars.

“InsyaAllah we are all strong.” Tomorrow, we will be there. I’m just happy that today is over. He said, “I leave it to the lawyers,” when he met reporters outside the Petaling Jaya Magistrates’ court on Wednesday (12 June).

On Wednesday, the Magistrate Court in this city recorded an objection from lawyers representing parents of Zayn, a child with autism who was murdered last year after his family reported him missing.

Mahmud Jumaat, the lawyer who met with the media, said that the objection was filed under Section 26(1) Evidence Act because of a request made by the police.

The objection is to a police application under Section 26(1) Evidence Act, which sought a guilty plea by Zayn’s mother

He said that his client, Zayn’s mom, had made a statement to Magistrate Zhafran Hamzah.

Zayn’s parents have been granted a second extension of six days in remand. This would expire on Thursday.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department arrested the couple on May 31 to help the police investigate murder under Section 302 (Penal Code).

Zayn Rayyan, six years old, was found dead in a stream, near Apartment Idaman at Damansara Damai, on Dec 6, 2013.

According to a post-mortem, injuries on the neck and body of the six-year-old child indicate that he was dead.

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