Zimbabwean energy regulator praises Chinese investment in renewable energy

HARARE, 6 June (Xinhua) – Zimbabwe’s Energy Regulator on Thursday commended an increasing number of Chinese funded renewable energy projects that have been implemented in the country. The regulator said these had helped to stabilize the power grid and ease pressure.

Edington Mazambani (CEO of the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, ZERA) told Xinhua that the cooperation between China and Zimbabwe is increasing in the energy sector. Several Chinese mining companies are setting up renewable energy plants to ensure energy supplies for their mining operations.

Mazambani stated that “these Chinese-funded projects for renewable energy are a great initiative because they are more sustainable and relieve pressure on national grids, improve system losses, and grid stabilization.”

He said that the Chinese-funded projects, including the photovoltaic power plant of 12 MW recently installed at the Sinomine Resource Group’s lithium mine in Masvingo Province, and other projects have contributed to the stable supply in the country.

ZERA, he said encouraged more Chinese investors, to harness Zimbabwe’s renewable energies potential, especially solar, due to the abundance of sunshine in the nation. He said that Chinese investors seemed to be able to complete their projects quickly.

Mazambani noted that the renewable energy policy of Zimbabwe launched in 2020 would allow Chinese investors to increase their investment in the sector.

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