Zoom founder Eric Yuan is requesting that ‘digital twinnings’ attend your meetings so you can “go to the beach” instead

Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO and founder, understands that there are a million other places you would rather be than in meetings. He’s now working on an AI avatar or “digital-twin” that will do the boring work for you while you relax.

Yuan explained to the Verge that “we are really looking at your whole schedule and how to leverage zoom workplace to help you,” Yuan said. “Basically, you can leave Zoom Workplace and Zoom Workplace will help you complete most of your tasks, right?” “That’s our pitch.”

One of the grand plans includes creating a copy of yourself who can take business decisions for you during meetings.

The billionaire Chinese-American boss said: “I can send my digital version to join me so that I can go to a beach.” He added that your avatar will also be able respond to emails and accept phone calls.

Yuan continued, “Today, we spend a great deal of time making phone calls, attending meetings, sending emails or text messages. We are still busy.” How can we fully automate this type of work using Zoom Workplace and AI? This is something we consider very important.

Robots can handle 90% of meetings, allowing you to work three days a week?

It’s not your imagination that you feel like you’re losing energy when you have back-to-back calls. Researchers have proven that when you attend a Zoom conference, your brain activity drops.

Yuan believes that workers will only be required to attend 10% as many meetings today. What about the rest of your time? You will be able do what lights your fire.

Let’s say that in five or six more years AI will be ready. “AI probably can help with maybe 90% of the job,” said the engineer-turned executive.

“You don’t need to spend that much time in meetings.” You don’t have to make five or six Zoom calls a day. “You can use AI to achieve that.”

Yuan believes that AI will take over so much administrative work, people will have more time for fun work, such as lunch meetings, and only work three to four times a week.

“Today we are unable to do this because five days out of seven, every day is very busy.” The CEO stated that it was boring.

He added, “We can both have more time for in-person interaction but not necessarily work.” Why not spend more quality time with your family?” “Why not spend more time with your family, doing something creative, and giving back some of your time to the community?”

When can I sign-up?

The CEO explained that Zoom’s digital-twin technology will likely begin as a voice assistant, before becoming immersive like Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3.

He sees “just the beginning” of a future where digital twins capture people so accurately that you can’t tell if they are real or 3D versions.

It might be even better than real life because you can have different versions of yourself to suit your needs.

You may, for example, be able create a confident or outspoken version specifically for sales meetings.

“Sometimes, I know that I am not very good at negotiating. Yuan said, “Sometimes I won’t attend a customer sales call.” “I’m aware of my weaknesses before I send a digital copy of myself. I am aware of that weakness. “I can change the parameter just a bit.”

Yuan said that the digital twin technology of Zoom is still a long way off from becoming a reality.

He said, “For the moment, AI is still not ready, and it will take time.”

Zoom did not respond to Fortune’s comment request.

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